Women need half the exercise for same longevity benefit

Actually, even less than half

Exercising for longevity just comes easier to women

What's the news: Women get the same exercise benefit as men with half the work.

Why should we believe it: This news is based on a new study set to be published next Tuesday by scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The study tracked a massive group of 412,413 adult participants. It looked at all-cause mortality and self-reported exercise habits. Results:

  • Men who exercised 300 minutes per week reduced their risk of death the most, by 18%.

  • Women got the same 18% reduction in mortality from just 140 minutes of weekly exercise.

  • Women continued to get additional benefit up to the 300-minute mark.

Why this is an interesting result: This is an observational study. It cannot prove cause and effect. But it fits into what we already know — that regular exercise reduces mortality. It's just that some of us have it a little easier than others.

So what specifically can you do now: Exercise. This new study is not an excuse to cut down your exercise, but a motivation to start. Particularly if you're a woman — and even if you're a man — any amount of exercise will help you live longer and look younger.