Novos Core longevity supplement subscription

The choice of Rejuvenation Olympics leaders

Julie Gibson Clark, world-class Rejuvenation Olympian and Novos Core customer

The background: Last November, Julie Gibson Clark suddenly became a longevity celebrity, when it became known that she ranks #2 on the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard.

Rejuvenation Olympics is a "let's slow down aging" competition involving thousands of people. It was started by Silicon Valley multimillionaire Bryan Johnson, who spends $2M a year on his personal longevity routine. The shocking thing is that Gibson Clark sits higher up on the leaderboard than Johnson, who is at #6.

How does Gibson Clark do it? Most of her longevity protocol is extremely simple. It involves consistent bed times, daily exercise, meditation, time spent with family, and plain and natural food. These are all longevity practices that are likely to be famililar to you.

Gibson Clark’s supplement choice: The only thing Gibson Clark does that might be new to you is a $79/month supplement subscription. That supplement subscription is called Novos Core. It contains 12 ingredients, some familiar (magnesium, glycine) and others exotic (malate, alpha-ketogluterate), specifically formulated to slow down aging.

Why you might want to try Novos Core also: Expert longevity researchers, including Harvard's George Church who I profiled in an earlier issue, have endorsed the Novos Core supplement subscription. And an in-house study performed by Novos shows that users actually do experience a slower pace of aging, as well as visible anti-aging benefits on the skin.

Conclusion: If you are not yet prioritizing sleep, exercise, a longevity-oriented diet, then the odds are that you should start with one of those. But if you already are doing the basics for longevity, and you want to take the next step, then the Novos Core supplement subscription brings together the best ingredients in a total longevity package.