Livelong Summit, the first world-class longevity event for the general public

Happening in West Palm Beach, FL, on March 15-16, 2024

David Sinclair, Aubrey de Grey, Bryan Johnson: A few of the confirmed speakers at Livelong Summit

What is it: Livelong Summit, a live, in-person, 2-day longevity event, happening in West Palm Beach, FL, on March 15-16, 2024.

Why you might want to go: To my knowledge, this is the first truly world-class longevity event that’s designed for the general public rather than as a networking opportunity for industry insiders.

Livelong Summit is for you if want to find out what longevity therapies are available today, what lifestyle choices actually push back the clock and hold off disease, and what breakthroughs we can hope for in the next year or two.

Who will be there: The event already features some of the best-known names in the longevity field as confirmed speakers:

  • Harvard's celebrity longevity researcher, Dr. David Sinclair

  • Aubrey de Grey, founder of SENS Research Foundation and the Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation

  • Bryan Johnson, the Silicon Valley multimillionaire who has become the face of longevity self-experimentation

Why else might you want to go? Along with celebrity speakers, this event will feature breakout sessions on fertility, health testing, and ending menopause. Dozens of table topics will cover everything from senolytic drugs, personalized stem cell therapies, and rapamycin.

There will also be a VIP reception, a bike ride around Palm Beach Island, yoga at sunrise, and even a pickleball match. Plus, there are rumors that your humble editor, the Longevity Hound, will also be present somewhere in the room.

What specifically you can do now: Get your early-bird ticket to Livelong Summit. Yes, I know that March is a long way away. But if you are interested in this event, the current early-bird price will probably be half of the final ticket price, and it might disappear soon. In other words, it makes sense to get it sooner rather than later. Here's where to go: