Dr. Dian Ginsberg, top-ranked Rejuvenation Olympian

She sits high on both the relative and absolute rejuvenation leaderboards

Dr. Dian Ginsberg, age 59, clearly overflowing with energy

Who we're talking about: Dr Dian Ginsberg, MD. Ginsberg started out as a gynecologist and obstetrician, but she has gradually became more and more interested in functional medicine. Today, she heads the Ginstitute of Functional Medicine, which uses personalized medicine to help patients "reclaim their optimal health."

And the news is: Ginsberg, who is 59 years old, is currently no. 11 on the Rejuvenation Olympics relative leaderboard and no. 4 on the absolute leaderboard.

She has managed to drastically reduce her speed of aging from her starting point, and she is now among the top rejuvenation athletes in the world. In other words, whatever she is doing, it's working, at least for her.

Why this is a big deal: Lifestyle interventions such as sleep, diet, and exercise are still the most significant and proven longevity therapies we have. But that's starting to change. And clinicians like Ginsberg are at the cutting edge of new longevity therapies, with the best data on what really works in real human beings.

So what's next? If you'd like to hear about some of Ginsberg's cutting edge work, she gave a talk at RAADfest last year. She discussed case studies of her patients who significantly reduced their speed of aging using available and yet cutting-edge longevity therapies. You can find that video here.