Chris Masterjohn, nutrition expert and rising rejuvenation athlete

He has contrarian takes backed by deep research

Chris Masterjohn, PhD, smiling about his very slow pace of aging

Who we're talking about: Chris Masterjohn, a PhD in nutrition sciences. Previously, Masterjohn worked as a professor at Brooklyn College. Since 2017, he's been writing online about the intersection of nutrition and health.

Why this is a big deal: Lots of people write online about the intersection of nutrition and health. But in my opinion, few do it with the scientific rigour that Masterjohn does. He often has contrarian takes — because he digs into the research more deeply than others do.

And the news is: Masterjohn seems to be stepping into the longevity influencer world. He recently wrote about holes he sees in Bryan Johnson's Blueprint protocol. He criticized calorie restriction as a longevity intervention. And he's made the claim that low levels of alcohol actually improve longevity.

Masterjohn has also taken the Dunedin PACE test for the speed of aging. His result came back at 0.66 biological years for every chronological year. If he can repeat this result over two more tests, he will be near the top of the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard.

What's next? Masterjohn shares his surprising longevity takes via an email newsletter. It's one of the few in the health space that I take the time to read regularly. If you'd like to do the same, you can subscribe to it for free.