Bryan Johnson looking to expand Blueprint to 2,500 longevity seekers

You can join now — for a price

Multimillionaire Bryan Johnson, getting ready to deliver some longevity-boosting foods to your doorstep

What's the news: You can now participate directly in Bryan Johnson's Blueprint self-experiment — for a price.

Why should we believe it: This news was announced yesterday via Johnson's website and social media channels. As you might know, Johnson is a Silicon Valley multimillionaire who has become a longevity celebrity thanks to the Blueprint, his $2M/year longevity regimen.

Johnson has been 100% open about the longevity interventions he is practicing, and lots of people have tried following along. Now, Johnson seems to be creating a kind of paid service out of his Blueprint project to help others participate. The service kicks off next week for 2,500 initial participants.

What's included: As a first step, this program/experiment includes 400 calories’ worth of food that Johnson & Co will ship to you, and which he says compete for the "most nutritious food program" in history. What’s included is a drink mix, eight supplements, and two of Johnson’s dietary staples, extra virgin olive oil and nutty pudding. The price per month is $333.

Why this is a big deal: Rather than framing this as a for-profit business, Johnson is framing it as a joint experiment that will take the Blueprint from 1 subject to 2,500 subjects. Participants are encouraged to get various health markers measured, in an effort to show that eating these Blueprint foods and supplements is making real improvements in health and reductions in the speed of biological aging.

Whether this whole thing will be scientifically meaningful is to be seen. But Johnson has been very good at raising interest in longevity over the past year, and there's no doubt in my mind that this new project will result in still more mainstream media headlines about Johnson, his project, and the topic of longevity in general.

So what specifically can you do now: You can get informed more about Johnson's blueprint self-experiment study, and decide if you might even want to join. You can do so at this page. The self-experiment will start the week of Jan 15, so if you're interested, I suggest you check it out now.